Helping Men and Women Cope with Menopause

Who Figured This Part Of Your Life & Relationship Would Become So Trying?

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It just doesn’t seem right… or fair. This part of our life is supposed to get easier from here on in. We’ve done the “hard yards” and it’s not supposed to go this way.

Hi, Peter and Linda Butler here. We know the frustration, the helplessness and the emotional roller-coaster ride you’re probably going through. We know exactly where you’re at.

How? It’s been our journey for the past 10 years too so we know from personal experience.

We want to encourage you that you can come through the other side of this daunting and sometimes ‘dark’ part of your life. We are living evidence that with the right help you will ‘survive’. That goes for both of you.

You have two choices. Request a copy of our New & Free Ebook - "3 Keys to Balancing Crazy Hormones to Look and Feel Fantastic" or “Have Your Say”, We’d love to hear your story and are sure that others and even you will benefit from your share. Which will you do?


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… the mood swings are more frequent as are the hot spells…

By Peter B Butler | August 15, 2010

From: Name: Pete Bxxxxx Comments: I am not sure if you are looking for input from the male side but here is my take. My wife and I have been together for 22 years. Some good some not so good but we’ve managed to weather the storm.  SO FAR.  […]

Letter to Dr Cabot

By Linda Butler | January 17, 2010

“This is a letter I sent to Dr cabot 12months ago in shear frustration and desperate for help.” Dear Dr Cabot, My name is Linda Butler, I am 50yrs old and I live in a suburb south of Perth Western Australia. In July 2000 I had a Hysterectomy due to […]

The “Communication Channel” went static… we lost “Connection”…

By Peter B Butler | January 17, 2010

How ironic. Sitting with Linda at about 9.00 pm last night showing her how to make her first post and the “communication channel” between us went static. Trying to revive the “line” and it just got worse. Must have been a “solar flare” situation because no matter what I said […]

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