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These are FB group I follow.
Click on these links and bookmark them in your browser.


Trail Blazer:
This is Maria Arora the Naturopath who does loads of video’s and is a great teacher.

Renae Hardie Braovich:

The YL Business Collective:

Facebook social media app logo on log-in, sign-up registration page on mobile

Some others you may like to checkout

  • Oil Club
  • The Beehive
  • The Business Bees
  • Jen O'Sullivan - US
  • Lindsey Elmore - US
  • Oilsome
  • Dr Ollie
  • Dr Minke - Minke Wellness
  • Dr Michael Buch
  • Melissa Poepping
  • Sarah Harnish
  • May PPP (Progescence Phyto Plus ) Challenge
  • YL Go Getters Club
  • My FB -

Useful Forms

If you have a member that wants to be a business builder these are the useful links

Essential Rewards Form:
Always have these on hand if signing someone up without using your computer

Essential Rewards Benefits Flyer:

Compensation Plan Brochure:
This will show you how to achieve Ranks and bonuses/income

Income Disclosure Statement:
Should always have this with you. You always have to show this when talking about the opportunity plan and when you are doing a class.

Useful Forms

Direct Credit of Commissions:
You need to fill this form in to have your commissions put into your bank account then email to YL.

Good to have if you can’t sign someone up online. I will always have these with me in my car.

Member Application Form:

ningxia red
premium starter kt

Useful Forms

Business Opportunity

Business Guide:
This A4 sheet shows the business Opportunity:

4 Ways to Get Started: Essential Rewards:


Adam Green:

How to Talk About Essential Rewards with Royal Crown Diamond Chris Opfer:

The Business Side of Things Kari Rae - Great one to share to people who are interested in YL

Introducing the Silver Bound Bonus – Webinar by YL Gold, Andrew Wild

Some others you may like to checkout


App on phone – Reference Guide for essential oils

Think Dirty – Check what chemicals are in your products, you can even scan products (Not sure if it costs) Chemicals -

Netflix – Stink


Sarah Harnish – Gameplan, Fearless, Unstuck

Healing Oils of the Bible: David Stewart, Ph.D

Files for website

This is a 90-day plan to get you started in your YL business

Young Living Essential Rewards Program Script

How to swap products for YL products

Oil info
in your
starter kit

Info on some
ways to use
the oils

Follow this 90-day journey to success

A guide to income producing

4 ways to get stated with Essential Oils



Books and Tools – US: Life Science:

Books and Tools – AU: Life Science:

Checkout The Healing Oils of the Bible.
I so loved this book and showed me how God designed the oils for our wellbeing.

Checkout Sarah Harnish -Gameplan
The complete Strategy Guide to go from Starter kit to Silver.

Range Products Welshpool AU– Products for making DIY:

Aussie Soaps – AU – Products for DIY:

New Direction-AU: Glass Bottles:

Plasdene Glass-Pak- Perth:

Centaur Packing-AU:

Pack My Products-AU: Glass Bottles:

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