Dangerous toxic ingredients in our cosmetics

Do you know what you’re putting onto your skin?? Do you know it’s all being absorbed into your body??

These ingredients are hormone disrupters.

Public awareness about the potentially harmful formulations of cosmetics is very poor.

We trust the Governments that they carefully regulate these chemicals and the manufacturers and the suppliers to provide safe products but this isn’t the case.

We are seeing increasing occurrence of asthma or our increasing affliction with multiple chemical sensitivity, auto-immune disorders such as chronic fatigue syndrome and allergies and the list goes on.

Many of the ingredients used in these products are also industrial chemicals, solvents and petroleum by?products which have safety warnings about their use and exposure. It is not just the chemicals of concern but we are using more and more of these products, from an earlier age and for a longer period.

According to the Environmental Working Group, woman will have around 185 chemicals on her skin daily, and a man will have around 85.

We need to choose wisely the product we apply to our bodies and what we are giving to our children.

I read a story of a teenager who died from using deodorant. See the link below. Our children need to be aware!

Choose non – toxic products where possible for your health and long life.

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