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Creamy Chocolate Coconut Pots with Caramel Sauce

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Looking for the perfect dessert for your next dinner party? You’ve come to the right place. This rich and creamy Chocolate Coconut Pots recipe is not only delicious, it’s quick and easy to make! I’ve served it many times to happy guests attending my cooking classes where I share healthy recipes and demonstrate how easy it is to add flavour to dishes and drinks using our culinary essential oils. Coconut oil adds a delicious and nutritious twist; plus, it tastes amazing with a little culinary cinnamon bark, lemon, or orange essential oil mixed in.

The Coconut Caramel Orange Sauce is so rich and luxurious that anyone who has tasted it exclaims, ‘Oh my goodness, this is incredible!’ I use this caramel sauce on just about anything! Try it over pancakes to make a very special treat on a weekend.

NOTE If you are using another culinary essential oil in your Creamy Chocolate Coconut Pots make sure to use the same one in place of the orange oil in the caramel sauce to compliment the dish.

TIP The recipe makes more than enough for pouring over the top of the Chocolate Coconut Pots so you’ll have some leftover… unless you eat it while making the dessert.

The pots will need a couple of hours to set in the refrigerator or approx. half-an-hour in the freezer.

NOTE You can use 1 cup raw cacao powder and 1 jar of raw coconut chocolate butter instead of 2 of the chocolate bars (200gm). You may have to add a little more sweetener to taste.

When making the sauce you can use coconut oil in place of the butter and coconut cream instead of cream for a vegan version. You will have to stir a little harder to combine if using coconut oil.

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