Is this bravery or stupidity?

I’m not quite sure whether I’m brave or simply stupid but either way I feel like I’m putting myself at risk.

If you know me and see me in the street it could be embarrassing but I’ve come to terms with that and am prepared to take that risk. Why? ‘Cause hopefully even if this makes a difference for one person then it will have been worth it.

If you don’t know me… you may well not get the chance too ’cause starting this is like giving ‘self incriminating’ evidence so I’m feeling pretty vulnerable right now. Just give me a break please…

This is a big subject and a lot of people are affected by it… probably more are touched by this ‘phenomenon’ than will ever realize it. The incidence of marriage breakdown and divorce in the ‘baby boomers’ is high but who really knows the ‘real why’?

Is it just a time thing? After so many years it’s just time to move on. Is there really a 14 or 21 year cycle that we go through in marriage and it’s just a numbers game? Or is it a cycle of a different kind?

My belief is that it’s a cycle of a different kind. And it’s not just a cycle of menstrual change although that is certainly a part of it.

I’ll expand on this more in another post but for now I need to go ’cause “she who must be obeyed beckons”. (told you I was putting my life on the line here)

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Peter B Butler

Peter loves his wife and family to bits. His next love is his cruiser motorbike. Within 6 months of getting married he was faced with coming to grips with Linda starting the menopause cycle. It made the early "coming together" part of marriage harder but it gave us a resolve and strength that has carried us through. To share and make a difference for others is our mission.

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