The Change

Most men just don’t have a clue!!! This is done from a man’s point of view.

The Change

My sweetheart just turned forty-five, and I love her, oh, so dearly. But I’m a little mystified, Since she’s acting, oh, so queerly.

“Oh, it’s nothing that you’ve said or done,” She assures me, ever sweetly. “My Change Of Life has now begun.” Then, she smiles and winks discreetly.

Smiling back, I take her hand, Reassuring and placating, In truth, I don’t understand a thing she was stating!

Just what she meant by “Change Of Life” I didn’t have a clue? And when I asked my darling wife Into a rage she flew!

“Well, I’m always tired! I’m hot! I’m cold! I didn’t sleep last night! I’m fat! I’m ugly! I’m getting old! My cloths don’t fit me right!

I think I’d love to kill you, and I’d love to rum away! But I know how that would thrill you, so for spite, I think I’ll stay!

My body’s turned against me, and I want to SCREAM again! My hormones have convinced me that this “Change” is caused by MEN!

Yes, you just sit there smiling while I’m going through pure hell!! You think you’re so beguiling? You think I couldn’t tell??

This is some cruel joke you play! It’s all your fault, no doubt! You never loved me anyway you selfish brutish, lout!!

Yes, my sweetheart just turned forty-five, and she changes by the hour.

Like Dr. Jekyll and Mrs Hyde she goes from sweet to sour!

But I’ve been told, “This is a phase.” They say, “This too, shall pass.” So, I’ll remember better days till they come again…. At Last!!!

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