Tender Breasts

I have in the past suffered with lumpy breast. On discovering the lumps it is then a visit to the doctor who then sends me off  to have a mammogram and Ultrasounds who then refers me onto the breast clinic where I have had to have  fine needle aspirations. Yuck!!!

This always brings with it the worry of breast cancer. (not fun)!!!!  The end results have always been no cancer just a Cyst. (A big sigh of relief).

I have mammograms and ultra sounds on a regular basis.

I have just started on patches and I have notice my breasts become tender, so it’s off to my menopause doctor to tweak my hormones.

I remember Dr Margaret Smith telling me that breast tenderness doesn’t increase the risk of breast cancer, but Estrogen’s do make  cells grow and divide, so any existing cancer that is estrogen sensitive may grow more rapidly when exposed to estrogen therapy. So its best to avoid over stimulating the breast with hormones.

If you experience breast tenderness while taking HRT go see your doctor to tweak your hormones. If you do this and have regular mammograms and ultra sounds this will help keep on top of any changes that take place.

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