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Find a Menopause Specialist. 

After years of visiting local GP’s and coming away extremely frustrated, and constantly being told the only thing they could do for me was to put me onto the HRT and if that didn’t work then it would be ant-depressants!!

Menopause Doctors - 300I never ever  felt  listened too or was ever referred to a doctor who specialised in menopause.  My local GP’s only solution was to give the HRT or anti-depressants!!!   I did take the HRT out of sheer frustration but it didn’t do a thing for me!!!  I didn’t go on anti-depressants as to me that’s a mere band-aid.

I finally found an awesome doctor (Dr Margaret Smith, foundation member and past president of the Australian Menopause Society).  Dr Margaret  informed me that when doing your medical training,  menopause was briefly spoken about and for students to know more about menopause you would have to specialise in that subject.

Most medical studies would opt to specialise in other areas as Dr Margaret said “there  is no money in menopause.”

Check this site out to help find a Menopause Specialist doctor that’s right for you in your area – Menopause Specialist Doctors


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