Letter to Dr Cabot

“This is a letter I sent to Dr cabot 12months ago in shear frustration and desperate for help.”

Dear Dr Cabot,

My name is Linda Butler, I am 50yrs old and I live in a suburb south of Perth Western Australia.

In July 2000 I had a Hysterectomy due to having Endometriosis my left ovary was also removed.  My Gynaecologist told me I had another 5yrs before I needed to think about Menopause.

The next 6months was a nightmare. I thought I was going crazy.  I finally went to a local GP who told me it takes 12months to recovery from a major operation and I should do some walking as exercise to help with the depression .She insisted that I wouldn’t be menopausal and I had to insist that she checked my hormone levels, so she did.

When the results came back she phoned me at work and told me to come straight in to see her as I had gone into menopause and she would put me onto the HRT. I wanted to go natural but the doctor insisted on putting me on the HRT, I refused and I didn’t go back to her. I began to try some natural creams to no avail, I wasn’t coping at all, I was an emotional wreck, my husband pleaded with me to go see another doctor to get some help so I did.

I went to another local GP he said I needed to be on the HRT, I was so desperate and my husband was warn out with me and i didn’t know were else to turn so this seemed my only option, This was at the end of 2000, I was put on Premarin 1.25mg till Dec2005, the dose was dropped to 625mg till June 2006.

Being on the HRT I suffered a lot with mood swings, Headaches, weight gain and finding it hard to cope with things.

I had visited my local Doctor who I had been seeing since 2003, and on many occasions I went to see her because I was so depressed and asked for my hormone levels to be checked but she would always say she couldn’t check my levels because I was on the HRT, she would always suggest that I go on anti – depressants! This to me was putting a band aid on the situation and I refused.

2006 I began to seek the help of a naturopath, She got me to drop my Premarin to 0.3mg  and the naturopath started me on estrogen tablets I then began to get lumps in my breast of which I am prone to as I have had lumps in my breast in the past even before menopause. I stopped taking the estrogen tablets and seeing the naturopath and continued with the 0.3mg of Premarin and after 6months I was cleared with breast lumps. After this I became very depressed.

In May 2007 I began to see Dr Margaret Smith, she took me straight off the Premarin and put me onto estrogen patches she had me do blood tests which showed my testosterone levels as being the lowest she has ever seen, my oestrogen was very low also.

She put me on testosterone cream and I had Estradot 50 patches. I was having blood test to check my levels but nothing was working the receptors were blocking anything getting through, so Dr Margaret suggested we try implants, she said this would last for 4-6mths, so I went ahead and things were great.

I felt great and I had no headaches, then 3 half months later I started feeling depressed again, my headaches were back, I phoned Dr Margaret and she suggested I try Livial as we were concerned about lumps in my breast she also said she wouldn’t be able to check my levels, she also suggested that i try them for 3months and see how I feel. I am on my 3rd month and I feel like I felt when taking the Premariin, depressed, irritable, having mood swings.

A friend told me about Dr X who deals with hormones and uses natural products which I have wanted all along but it seems hard to find the right doctors.

I went to see Dr X on April3rd 2008 and after telling him my history he told me he could not help me, I asked why he couldn’t help me and he told me my body has been poisoned and I have gone from worse to even worse, from taking HRT to Implants. He said it would take years for the poisons to come out of my body and I asked how many years, he said 10yrs.

I was extremely distressed at this news and i asked what I should do now, his reply was that I will just have to keep taking Livial. This was all the advise he gave me, he never suggested anyone else who could help me and I paid him $150 to here all this. I also asked him if he had seen others in my situation and he said no. I feel very distressed and left with the feeling of doom and gloom and hopelessness.

I don’t know were to turn for help. I have read your books and I am very impressed. Can you help me?

God Bless

Linda Butler

Colossians 3.23

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4 thoughts on “Letter to Dr Cabot”

  1. The Symptoms of Menopause are many, but not all women are badly affected by it.
    Menopause – when period stop forever.
    Peri-menopause – the menopause when estrogen levels start to drop.
    Want more details about this visit this link it gives you sufficient information about this go atozmenopause.

  2. Menopause refers to the extinction of periods in human womens, which regularly takes place between the age of 45 and 50 years. It is an ordinary aging process that usually occurs after 1 year of amenorrhoea.for more details go atozmenopause.

  3. Imagine if your right to choose natural medicine was taken away. What would happen? My mother, Grazia Caruso, needs help. She has symptoms of dementia, and needs a doctor who knows about integrative medicine in South Australia, who is willing to visit a nursing home at 56 High St. Grange. . . . I read about your struggle when seeking natural medicine for your health problems. Can you give me some advice? Would Dr Cabot be willing to help my mother?

  4. Linda young lady, I am 56 and have ben on Premarin of different doses since I was 25 when they had to remov e my ovaries. My doctor who sadly has died told me “young lady, this is not for your hormones but for your bone!!
    Thisnis what you have to consider seriousely Youe certainly don’t need Osteo!
    I’m Sure if you swop and change doses you will be fine.
    Even though I was on them I still had menopause at the age of 32! It was because I have ms (it began when I was 17, but fortunately masked itself until my 20’s) I waa diagnosed a year before menopause. I told my GP It was menopause & he said it wasn’t II saw another GP 2 years later who informed me I was Post Menopause.
    I had a terrible time I was put on heavy anti depressants, I had 1 out of control daughter. Also my husband and his customers (long time freinds of 30 yrs now) were going through a time when they would be lunching, dining and night-clubbing and arriving home at 4 in the morning.
    I think I experienced Menopause like no-one else. we’re fine now. Husband and girls have grown up very successfully. Thank God. I just don’t know why God is doing ‘this ‘ to me now. I’d prefer to have 100 menopauses instead.

    So m dear you have years to fiddle with drugs etc. YOU know your body better than drs. AND look after your bones!
    Good luck
    Terri, Bundoora, Victoria

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