Just Pull Yourself Together

I have been going through menopause for 12 yrs now, the first 7 yrs were horrendous.  I had friends who were going through menopause but not much was said & no one seemed to be suffering like myself????  What’s that about!!!

I had some friends that seem to breeze through it all & some I’m sure wondered what the heck was up with me. I’m sure they  thought, just pull yourself together and get on with it!!!!

I went to numerous GP’s who also made me feel I was just putting it all on, after all I was on HRT so you should be fine!!!! Humm I was far, far from fine. I had one doctor ask “Is everything ok at home (I just wanted to hit them with that remark). They also suggested that I go onto anti-depressant!!!  Not happy Jan!!

I even began to doubt myself thinking maybe this is how I really am, a weak person who can’t cope with stuff, grumpy, irritable & crying all the time.

Thank God for Dr Margaret Smith who saw what was happening to me. She was my God Send.

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Linda Butler

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