Great Doctor

I went to my new doctor for my second visit yesterday and how good is she.

It’s sooo nice to find a doctor who cares about what’s happening for you, who understands what you are going through and who takes the time to listen to you and addresses your concerns.

I loved how she took time to talk to me about her own experiences with menopause, HRT, Testosterone and estrogen implants and other issues that come along with getting older. She made me feel relaxed and heard and not rushed.

She was thorough and when it comes to doing blood tests to check my levels she said she would give me a call and talk over the phone.

Hmm my other doctor wanted me to come to the medical centre just to tell me my levels!!!(money to her).

She also made me feel like I had no idea what I was talking about, that I was a bother to her and taking up her time.  She couldn’t get me out the door soon enough so she could see the next patient. I felt I was just $ sighs to her!!!  How sad.

If I had stayed with her I’d be feeling quite a mess right now with my Menopause!!!

So now I say Thank God for my new doctor she’s a gem.

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