Frustrated to the max



I am sooooo Frustrated!!!!!!

I’m feeling slightly depressed,  fatigued, teary and sick of these hormones all over the place.  I’m also tired of trying to  find the right doctor to help me!!  Where are those right doctors??????!!!!!!

I thought this latest doctor I just found would sort me out.

He first gave me DHEA , the theory being it would kick start my system but after 4weeks I don’t feel any different.

He’s now put me onto DHEA/Prognolone and after 4weeks I still don’t feel any different and to top it all off  my breast are feeling like somethings going on and I think I have a lump in one breast!!!!!! (I just want to scream).

Now I need to go see my local GP to get it checked. AHHHHHHHH.

This new  doctor after prescribing me the DHEA/Prognolone told me not to come back for 3months!!!!!   I’m sooo over all this. Oh to find someone who can tell me whats happening to my body and help me to get this body functioning the way its suppose to!!!!!

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