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After yrs with Dr Margaret Smith  who retired in December 2011 at the age of 80, I had to find a new doctor who would do Testosterone & estrogen implants.

On the recommendation of a doctor I started seeing …… this doctor was able to give me a testosterone implant but we were unable to get any more estrogen Implants so I was put on Esradot 37.5 patches.

I experienced hot flushes constantly, I wasn’t sleeping, I was constantly irritable, & I was constantly suffering with headaches that turned into migraines!!! I complained to the doctor.

I had a blood test to check my levels & the doctor said my levels were fine & she couldn’t give me anymore estrogen!! My reply was that my body is saying otherwise!! The doctor replies that she wasn’t going to give me more Estrogen & there must be something else wrong with me & i should go see my local GP!!! Not Happy!!!  This made me feel like I didn’t know what I was talking about & that I was just another bum on her seat & $$$ signs.

I found another doctor who was wonderful, she made me feel human, she was understood & caring. This doctor told me that thinner woman need more Estrogen. I was put onto Estadot 75 patches. Hallelujah, Hurray, I can see clearly now.

Within days the headaches went, I was sleeping normal again & no more hot flushes.

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