Estrogen Dominance

  • Are your estrogen levels holding steady, while your progesterone levels are plummeting?
  • Have your estrogen and testosterone levels been well above normal range, while progesterone has always been low?
  • Or, are you adding extra estrogen unknowingly through what you are taking  or maybe a certain  lifestyle?
Woman on tight rope balancingFor years I trusted and put my faith in local doctors only to find out after suffering sooo much with horrendous systems that these doctors knew nothing about menopause.
Because I had a hysterectomy my local doctor give me Estrogen only.  This caused an imbalance in my hormones which lead to all my troubles.
Estrogen when unopposed or not balanced with progesterone can cause problems for us.
When going to your local GP to check your hormone levels make sure they check for testosterone and progesterone.
We are also exposed to many estrogen’s in our environment that I think many of us are unaware off.
These estrogen’s are in the form of plastics, industrial waste products, car exhaust, meat, soaps, and much of our carpets, furniture that we live with indoors every day. We need to check our homes and get ride of the toxic chemicals in our bathrooms, kitchens and look for cleaning products and personal products that are free from harmful toxic chemicals.
Checkout Doctor John Lee”s books – ‘Hormone Balance Made Simple’ and  ‘What Your doctor May Not Tell You About Menopause.’
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