10 Most Unwanted Ingredients in Personal Care & Home Cleaning Products

1. Fragrance

Made up of chemicals that have been linked to breathing difficulties, allergic reactions, and asthma.

2. Quaternary Ammonium Compounds

Possible skin irritant and respiratory irritant. Can cause asthma. Also referred to as “QUATS”

3. Ammonia

Can cause bronchitis and asthma, irritation to nose and throat, eye and skin irritation.

4. Chlorine

Can cause thyroid disruption, lung and respiratory irritation. Dangerous for people with heart condition or chronic respiratory problems.

5. Methylisothiazolinone

Preservative associated with allergic reactions. Causes skin, eye, and lung irritation.

6. Formaldehyde-Releasing Preservatives

Preservatives may harm the brain, and interfere with growth and development. Associated with allergic reactions.

7. Oxybenzone

Can cause skin irritation and allergic reactions. May interfere with hormone activity.

8. Triclosan

Possible disruption of thyroid and reproductive hormones.

9. Parabens

May cause reproductive issues and hormone imbalance. Associated with developmental disorders in children.

10. Phthalates

May damage men’s reproductive system leading to reduced sperm counts. Associated with an increased risk of breast cancer.

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