3 Keys To Balancing Crazy Hormones to Look and Feel Fantastic


Key 1 - Get Your Gut Right

When first visiting my hormonal specialist she said the first thing we needed to work on was my “Gut” and this is why……..

“Your gut is home to trillions of bacteria,
most of who are working very hard on your behalf
to support your health on many different fronts.”

You see, when considering the number of cells in our body, we are only 10% human! The other 90% is called our microbiome, and is made up of all the microbes living in and on our body.

We want to promote the optimum functioning of your digestive system and put your body into Hormonal Balance.

The Digestive System (The Gut) is the basis for the health of the whole body and if not working properly broader health problems will occur, and it will also be impossible to balance your hormones.

The Digestive System is responsible for not only nutrient metabolism, but supports our immune system and hormonal balances too. For it to operate properly there needs to be a healthy balance of hydrochloric acid, enzymes, intestinal flora and fibre.

“About 70% of our immune system
lives in or around our Digestive System.”

So, if you have an unhealthy Digestive System you are far more likely to suffer from immune problems like allergies, hormonal problems, frequent colds and flus, or even auto immune disorders.

Key 2 – Balance Your Xenoestrogens

Did you know that  supermarket personal care products can contain hormone disrupting chemicals?

Many of us don’t think twice about these things we use in our everyday lives …

• the makeup we wear each day
• the plastic container we use to pack our lunch
• Pharmaceutical drugs
• Pesticides
• anti-depressants
• personal and dental care products

Products we use every day in our bathrooms and in and around our homes.

Over the past decade, research has found exposure to natural and synthetic endocrine-disrupting chemicals in our air, water and many of the foods we eat are genetically engineered and packed with antibiotics and animal growth hormones, altering the way our body naturally functions.

This is because they all contain these endocrine disruptors called Xenoestrogens and predispose us to becoming hormonally imbalanced.

When chemicals (xenoestrogens) from the outside get into our bodies, they have the ability to mimic our natural hormones; blocking or binding hormone receptors.

“This is particularly detrimental to hormone sensitive organs
like the uterus and the breast, the immune and neurological
systems, as well as human development.”

These xenoestrogens enter the body. They increase the total amount of estrogen resulting in a phenomenon called, estrogen dominance.

Xenoestrogens are not biodegradable, so they are stored in our fat cells.

The build-up of xenoestrogens has been indicated in many conditions including:

• breast cancer
• prostate cancer
• testicular cancer
• obesity
• infertility
• endometriosis
• early onset puberty
• miscarriages
• diabetes

This was noted in 1994 when 2,983 commonly used household chemicals were tested.

“Scientists found 884 of the ingredients routinely used in most
skincare products were toxic.”

These toxic ingredients included Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS) and Propylene Glycol.

(Source: Analysis by the National Institute of Occupational Safety & Health (NIOSH-USA) “Why Are You Poisoning Your Family” by Karen Possick. A Consumer Alert Publication 1994)

Since this research was conducted, few, if any of these ingredients have been removed, and there has been a plethora of new chemicals introduced into the market place.

“Manufacturers are still using these known toxins
in the products we use every day on our skin
or in our homes.”

It is estimated in the world today, there are at least 120,000 synthetic chemicals, or xenobiotics registered for commercial use and around 1,000 new chemicals are formulated each year.

While many have been proven to be highly toxic and carcinogenic, little is known about the chronic effects particularly their potential to alter, or disrupt the function(s) of the endocrine system and our hormones.

These synthetic chemicals are known as 'environmental estrogens', estrogen mimics, or xenoestrogens and have been found to affect hormonal functions by 'mimicking' the function of naturally occurring estrogen in the body.

Key 3 – Clean Up Your Environment

With all this in mind it is vital that you clean up your environment.

You can a few things to aid in reducing your exposure to these dangerous toxins.

ELIMINATE TOXIC EXPOSURE on your body and in the home by converting to safety conscious formulas that do not add more toxins into your body.

So, no more toxic personal care products, including shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, mouth washes body wash, skincare and makeup, laundry products….

DETOXIFY your body and your home simply by changing brands to toxin free products compatible with human chemistry. Also introduce good quality Probiotics (not your supermarket brands).

USE POWERFUL NUTRITIONAL SUPPLEMENTS to eliminate toxins floating in the blood. (not supermarket brands).

If you find this information really helpful and would like to benefit further from my research, or find out more about the right products to use that are safe, natural but powerfully effective, jump on over to my website and have a look by clicking the button below.

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